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Project. Design and Application of a Keyable Unicase Typeface.

Purpose. In this assignment third-year and fourth-year students discover how to design a related set of characters while maintaining the attributes that makes each of them unique. In applying the completed typeface in a poster and animation, appropriate character, word and line spacing were tested in context.

Assignment. Students researched unicase typefaces in order to compare characteristics and strategies behind their design. They began by making a series of sketches beginning with a word, then a rough idea of how each character would be constructed. From these initial sketches, a display typeface that included 26 characters, figures and punctuation was produced in Fontographer.

For the second part of the project the typeface was applied to a three-colour poster that was targeted to those who purchase typefaces. For the final part of the project, the type was used to create a short animated sequence.

Format. Poster 18 X 30 inches (45 X 63 centimeters)
Animation 640 x 480, approximately 15 seconds.

Time. 12-14 weeks (one semester).


Sandra Gabriele has been studying, teaching and working in visual communication design for over twenty years. She’s a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, the School of Design (Schule für Gestaltung) in Basel and is currently working on her thesis for a Master of Design Degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. In professional practice, she designs communications materials for clients in government offices, corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations in both print and digital media.


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