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To give you an idea of what inspires, interests, or influences successful graphic designers we ask major designers and educators to list some worthwhile books, magazines, organizations, and Web sites. The Resource section does not pretend to be all-inclusive as most of the entries were offered by the contributors of the design projects.

Books by James Craig offers information about Designing with Type and other books by James Craig, both domestic and foreign editions.

Books lists the titles along with the authors' names and includes many of the classics read by generations of graphic designers. Not all are still in print, but may be available in school libraries or on-line.

Magazines presents selections from around the world, many of which are available in both foreign and English language editions. For additional information Web site addresses have been included.

Organizations offers just some of the many excellent organizations that are dedicated to typography and graphic design. Web site addresses have been included for anyone interested in the organization or wishing membership information.

School Directory presents the major design schools that have contributed projects along with their web site addresses for easy access.

Web sites lists a few of the sites of companies dedicated to typography that you may wish to visit.

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