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Project. Farsi Literature

Purpose. To explore the visual values and possibilities of Farsi typography as well as Persian calligraphy. This opens a new way of looking into Farsi lettering through the deep concepts of Farsi literature

Assignment. This project involves three different groups: B.A. students and post graduate students from the Art University and also a selective interested group of B.A. students from the Soure University with different briefs. In the B.A. course, each student selects a piece of poetry or sentence from an outstanding Iranian poet or writer and works with it to express the concept in a visual form as well as its existing verbal form.

There is no obligation for any of them to present their designs in any applied form, such as brochure or poster.

Format. Variable

Time. Six weeks: three hours per week. Total of 18 hours.

Mostafa Owji was born in Shiraz in the south of Iran in 1947. From 1970 to 1974 he studied at Tehran University Faculty of Fine Art where he received his B.A. After graduation he continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London and earned his M.F.A. In 1976 Mostafa Owji had an illustration printed in Novum and a poster in Modern Publicity. In 1984 one of his posters was selected for Graphis Poster. Three years later he was awarded a prize for the best typeface design in Farsi-Arabic at the 2nd Biannual Exhibition of Graphic Design, Tehran. Once again in 1992 a poster was accepted and printed in Graphis Poster. Mostafa Owji has been teaching at The University of Art since 1980.

Shahriar Sarmast was born in Iran in 1951. He studied fine art at secondary school and later continued his higher education in London, England. After graduating in information graphics he continued his studies in advanced Audio Visual Art (AVA). He passed the Society of Type Designers (STD) and Society Industrial artists & Designers (SIAD) exams, which led to his strong interest in typography.

Shariar began his professional career in London in 1978 as a graphic designer. After experimenting with a number of career moves, he finally settled on advertising. After a few years of working in advertising he was awarded the International Advertising Association (IAA) higher diploma and continued to do research in the field of image and concept creation with a number of British professors. During this time, Shahriar worked his way up in the agency to creative director specializing in image and campaign creation.

In 1981 Shahriar returned to Iran where, after serving as art director for two agencies, he opened his own business. Beginning with a small creative studio he eventually expanded the business into a full scale advertising agency--the very first advertising agency to be established after revolution in Iran.
Over the years Shariar Sarmast has continued to lecture in different universities when he can find time between his travels for United Arab Emirates (UAE). Shahriar also acts as a design and advertising consultant to different companies in Iran.

Mr Sarmast was responsible for introducing this project to the web site.

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