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Project. Graphic Archeology and Type Design

Purpose. To transform examples of vernacular domestic lettering into a viable typeface. This project is designed for fourth year students.

Assignment. Search the cityscape for unusual examples of typography used for either practical purposes (storefronts, street addresses, advertising) or just graffiti (names on the walls, etc.). Using the found letters as inspiration design all the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Format. 50 X 70 centimeters (20 X 30 inches)

Time. Over one semester

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Mitya Kharshak, “Projector” magazine Editor-in-chief, was born in Leningrad in 1977. A designer, a photographer, an art critic and a reasercher of graphic archeology. Graduated the department of Information design of St.Petersburg State Academy of Design and Applied art, then in the same Institution completed a 3-years post-graduate studies on the department of Theory and history of arts and architecture. In 1996 and 1998—1999 studied and taught in the Higher School of Art (Hochschule der Kunste) in Berlin.

In 2003 and in 2006 Mitya took part in international interdisciplinary design and architectural projects on topics “Shrinking cities” and “EU-urbanism” in Bauhaus (Dessau, Germany). He is a participant of lots of professional exhibitions and competitions. An author of the book “From psychology of domestic type to graphic archeology” (2006) and dozens of articles on design, visual art and advertising. Since 2001 till 2006 was a teacher and lecturer on the department of Graphic in North-West State Print University. Since January 2009 started teaching “The history of design of the XX century” in St.Petersburg State Academy of Design and Applied art.

Mitya Kharshak's works are in the collections of the State Museum of Vladimir Nabokov and the State Museum “Tsarskoye Selo Collection”. A member of the Guild of Designers of Russia. A member of International Association of art critics. The main awards: Golden prize and the prize “Modulor” in the nomination “Graphical design in biennale exhibition “Modulor 2003”, the winner of the exhibition “Sign 2003”, the prize of the Guild of Journalists of Russia (2003), the First Prize in the exhibition-competition “The Golden Flea 2005”, the prizewinner “The Golden Flea 2006”, the second and the third prizes at the International Competition of Trade Style “Identity. Best of the best”. He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

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