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Project. New Writing System for Your Kingdom

Purpose. To offer first year students the opportunity to analyze, create, and understand the basic element of typography: the letter. Also to let the student experience and experiment with composition and color. 

Assignment. Choose a small element. Based on the visual principals of your chosen element, design a set of "characters" for your imaginary kingdom. Your writing system should be simple enough to be easily understood and learned by the small children of your kingdom. Design a promotional poster for your writing system, using a photograph of the element and your set of characters. This project was designed for the second semester of the first year class.

Format. A2 (420 X 594 mm or 16 1/2 X 23 3/8 inches)

Time. Six weeks. Once a week. 4 hours.


Oded Ezer is an Israeli typographer, designer and lecturer. Graduated at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (1998), Ezer founded (2000) his own independent studio, “Oded Ezer Typography," in Givatayim, Israel.  A member of the ICD (Israel Community of Designers), Ezer teaches typography and graphic design at the VCD department (headed by Mr. David Grossman) of the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering in Ramat Gan since 2001. 

While constantly working as a commercial designer, Oded Ezer ( ) also runs experimental typo art projects, where he explores non-conventional solutions in Hebrew typography. His posters and graphic works has been showcased and published worldwide.

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