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Project. Editorial Design for CONTEXT Magazine

Purpose. To view editorial design as an entire system which has to accommodate differing and unexpected content. To observe typographic and spatial detail.

Assignment. Constituting the entire semesters work, the students worked from the ground up to construct the editorial design for a magazine entitled CONTEXT. The content of this magazine is very diverse but tends to be centred on an observation of different cultural phenomena (politics, sport, art, design, philosophy). The magazine is subscriber-based and therefore wil not have to compete in a retail environment. This project involves both typographic in-class exercises (manual) as well as longer design exercises (Mac). Leaving time for reflection as well as producing the actual work itself is an important part of this project.

Stage 1: Manual kerning. These manual skills will have a great effect on your eye for kerning and your ability to implement it in setting. Using a scalpel, adhesive and a ruler, complete the A3 manual kerning excercises in class.This exercise will be repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Stage 2: The magazine masthead. We will look at the nature of publication identities and the customisation of letterforms. You are to customise given letterforms in class by hand. This exercise will be repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved. Using the title CONTEXT, come up with ideas on how the type should look and why. Think of colour, form and the impact it will have. It should catch your eye quickly as well as accurately depict (or suggest) the content of the magazine.
Stage 3: The magazine editorial design. Set the index/contents page and then working with 3 different articles to typeset and lay out. This will give you more practise with working with grids as entire systems for information design.


Time. One semester

Stephen Banham is both a practitioner and lecturer in typography, Banham's design work has been featured in Emigre, Eye, Baseline and almost every typography annual there is. The publisher of some twelve publications on typography, Banham has lectured throughout Australia, New Zealand, Barcelona, UK and at the New York Type Directors Club.
He currently lectures typography in the RMIT Department of Communication Design.

Renato Gallina lectures second and third year Typography, Identity and Packaging at RMIT, Department of Communication Design, Melbourne. Also a practitioner, his work has been seen on the shelves of boutique and department stores from Tokyo to New York. Recently, one of his designs was recognized by the Strathmore Gallery, USA for Design and Production Excellence.



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