Istituto Europeo di  Design, Milan, Italy
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Project. Liberating the Typographic Imagination.

Purpose. To think of letters as images that can be graphically transformed.

Assignment. Students are requested to storyboard the transition of one letter toanother. Letters can be seen as images (graphic or photographic) or vice-versa. Everyday objects may also be seen as letters of the alphabet. Sometimes the individual shape of the letter (whether uppercase or lowercase) shows the element around which the story is created; on the other hand it is also possible to add elements or mark details that help in the telling of the story. One artwork per transformation.

Format. Optional

Time. Six hours.


Ivana Tubaro received a degree in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. She currently works as a graphic designer with a particular interest in typography and calligraphy. In 1992 she published "Lettering" a book of research on the history and the practise of writing and typography. Ivana Tubaro teaches Lettering and Typography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan

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