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Project. Experimental Book

Purpose. To explore both sides of type: visual and verbal by creating an experimental book.

Assignment. First, select a strong idea for a conceptual book and find a way to visual express it. Choose an object which explores the main idea and take the first letter of this object (for example, "L" for Letter, D for "Design," and "S" for Soul ). Using these two elements sketch storyboard of 20 pages, if necessary use extra graphic and typographic elements, to help develop the concept. Use all types of scripts and illustrations: calligraphy, typography, collage, drawing, photography, and others. Create the conceptual story in visual way where typography and letters play the same role as illustration and the means of book are understood, but not reading.

Next choose format, materials, printing techniques for the construction of the book. Preferably use some non-traditional elements or details, such as mixed printing techniques or different kinds of paper. Scan, draw, write--or in any other way-- all the details and design of the entire book. Do the prototype of 20 or more pages, including the front and back covers. The results of this project will be judged on all aspects of the book: concept, development of story, illustrations, type, design, and creativity.

Format. One page less A4

Time. 40 hours ( 4 concept, 6 storyboard, 10 preparation of illustration, 10 book design, 10 book prototype)

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Ausra Lisauskiene, an Associate Professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, is a calligrapher and professional graphic designer. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and at present is working there in the Design and Graphic Department. Ausra Lisauskiene is a member of Lithuanian Graphic Designer Association LGDA (LGDA is affiliated with the International Council of Graphic Design Associations:ICOGRADA).

Ausra is involved in the search for her own personal writing style, mainly using non-traditional tools and techniques, such as the use calligraphy elements in graphic design and in type design. She also takes part in calligraphy exhibitions, graphic design events in Lithuania and abroad. Ausra has won awards in Lithuania, and has presided over an experimental book workshop in LAHTI Design Institute (Finland). She has participated as a speaker and an exhibitor in international conferences on typography and design. Some years ago she was a curator of students' books exhibitions at the Frankfurt and Geteborg Book Fairs. Recently her work has been shown in Novum.

Also contributing to the project are the following:
Professor Audrius Klimas, Lecturer Robertas Jucaitis, Lecturer Marius Kasperavicius.

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