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Project. Design a ¥2000 Bill

Purpose. The primary purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in combining text and image for a specific utilitarian purpose. The secondary purpose is to familiarize the student with the features and extreme precision of the Adobe Illustrator application.

Assignment.The Office of the Treasury has issued a new ¥2000 bill for the year 2000. You are asked to design this new bill. Using images, typography, and graphics create a unique and original solution that takes Japanese currency into the next century. The designs should have a futuristic, yet distinctly Japanese, feel. The new bills should not look like they could be from any other country but Japan.

Typographic information. On both sides you must include: 2000 Yen, Nippon Ginko and Serial Number(s). Design one side in Japanese, the other in English.

Research existing currency form other countries. Consider also that currency should be difficult to counterfeit. Therefore use safety markings, special patterns, and other techniques found through your research that will make it difficult to copy.

Format. Height is the same as ¥1000 bill Length is 2mm longer than ¥1000 bill

Time. Three Weeks

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Dmitry Krasny is the founder and creative director of Deka Design, a visual communications firm, in New York City. Krasny received a BA from The Cooper Union, continued his studies at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and received an MFA from Yale University. He has been teaching courses in typography, design, and motion graphics at Parsons School of Design since 1994, and served as Chair of the Communication Design Department of Kanazawa International Design Institute (KIDI), Japan. (in Japanese)

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