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Project. Typography and Information

Purpose. To explore the structure of typographic information as it relates to layout composition.

Assignment. This is a black and white project and is divided into three parts. The student is supplied with a text which includes a variety of typographic demands: multiple events; time sensitive information; title elements; text based information.

Beginning the exercise with the most restrictive rules allows for a clearer investigation of the underlying hierarchical structure of the given information, before moving on to an investigation of how typographic 'style' might be incorporated into that structure.

Part 1: The text is given in only 12 point (sans serif) light and extra bold.

Part 2: The text is given in only 12 and 16 point (sans serif) light and extra bold.

Part 3: The text is given in only 12 pt, 16 , and 24 point (sans serif) light and extra bold.

Format. 10 x 10 inches (25 X 25 centimeters)

Time. 4 hours for each part

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Matthew S. Gaynor is Associate Professor of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He earned both his BA in art and MFA in graphic design from Yale University, where he studied with Armin Hoffmann, Bradbury Thompson, and Philip Burton, among others. In his professional life he does work for numerous not-for-profit organizations, and worked for a time as Creative Director of F+W Publications in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Student Designer. Stefani Klayman

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