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Project. Comping Type

Purpose. Comping type is approximating the look of a type setting with pencil and paper. Before computers, this was the traditional method of appraising a design before incurring typesetting expenses. Although seldom used today, comping with pencil and paper is an excellent way to introduce the five classic typefaces in Designing with Type while providing practice in the basic skills of character counting, copyfitting, and arranging type on a page.

Assignment. This project will require a certain amount of preparation. For hard copy, type out the introductions to the five typefaces (see pages 37, 49, 61, 73, and 85). Begin my making an accurate character count of the five typewritten essays (see Copyfitting, page 130). Next, using copyfitting skills and the type specifications below, determine the number of lines the copy will occupy (see charts in Part Two). Then produce an accurate pencil comp of each essay (see Comping Type, page 128).

Format. 10 X 10 inches (25 X 25 centimeters)

Time. 8 hours


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