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Project. Motion graphics and video.

Purpose. To explore and research the possibilities of graphic design and typography in motion. To experience and acquire skills in the interaction of several layers of communication.

Assignment. There are three modules in motion graphics and video.

Module 1: Metamorphosis.
The aim is to transform the significance of a simple sign (e.g. a cross) by the addition of a second element. The result should be an obvious statement. Students create collections of such contextual situations which are as broad as possible. They then build sequences out of them. The signification and motion sequences are to be produced with the addition of as few elements and movements as possible. The changes should be fluid and technically easy to implement.

Module 2: Olma, TV promotional film for an agricultural fair.
The intention is to create a high media impact TV promotion using elements of typography, graphics and sound (excluding photography). Prompted by research into popular traditional Swiss folk art, the image structure, language of forms and techniques become the basis for an autonomous interpretation within the digital medium.

Module 3: Diploma in the area of motion graphics, video.
Students choose their own subject matter and following an intensive phase of research, an assignment is developed and formulated. Sound, information text, image and graphic elements must be linked to a video clip which is absorbing in dramatic terms and appropriate to the themes. All layers of design should be aimed at communicating the subject matter.

The two examples indicated:
Indication for an exhibition: bridges, constructions between form and function.
Indication for a film program: sound and image in films.

Format. DV-PAL

Time. 10 weeks, 16 lessons a week


Florian Goerner was born in 1962 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In 1980 he graduated as a graphic designer at the Basel School of Design (Schule für Gestaltung), Switzerland, where he studied with Armin Hoffmann and Wolfgang Weingart. 1985 post-graduate program for audio-visual design, Basel School of Design, Switzerland. Commercial graphic work: at the office of Ott und Stein, Berlin, Germany; co-founder of scopo Intermediale Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland, web-design, exhibition-design and video-productions. Non commercial work: documentary, video work for dance performences, his dance-video „EinTänzerin“ has been awarded at the ART, international Art Fair, Switzerland. Since 1992 he has been teaching visual communication and video at the School of Design, Basel.

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